360-degree hospital hygiene
Sanitized® durably protects polymers against multi-resistant pathogens

Despite improved hygiene standards, there has been no significant reduction in the numbers of infections and deaths from MRSA in hospitals. Hand hygiene and surface disinfection are important aspects of those tasked with ensuring hygiene. But how does the number of germs develop between cleaning and disinfection cycles?

Antimicrobial treated polymers provide active support of hygiene management in the sensitive areas of intensive care and nursing. Trolleys, rolled from room to room or even used in the theatre, are permanently in contact with a wide range of medical personnel and are thus potential carriers of bacteria. Wiegand AG thus protects its FlexLine-Wagon-System with the antimicrobial Sanitized® hygiene function. Integrated into polymers, Sanitized® prevents bacterial adhesion and thus their spread on the surfaces.

Polyrey SAS uses the Sanitized® hygiene function as a coating for HPLs and compact laminates used for walls and countertops. HOPPE Holding AG protects elementary contact points in hospitals with the proven Sanitized® technology: Door handles.

For many years, SANITIZED AG has supported the medical technology industry and the hospital equipment field to protect contact surfaces against MRSA colonization. This durable protective treatment is also used in floors, hospital beds or examination lights for treatment rooms.

A 360-degree hygiene concept also includes the air-conditioning system, a popular incubator for bacteria. FITT S.p.A. has thus included ventilation tubing treated with Sanitized® in its FITT Air® range.


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