Airex®: World market leader relies on Sanitized®

Fitness mats and balance pads made by Airex® are used every day in fitness clubs, gyms, rehabilitation centers and also by professional athletes worldwide. Over 50 years of experience in the development of special foam techniques are key to the high standard of each and every product. The result is reliable, durable and hygienically safe sports equipment, also thanks to the built-in Sanitized® hygienic function that offers a constant effect against bacterial odors and material protection. For many years, the world market leader Airex AG has been marketing its products with the added value of a antimicrobial Sanitized® treatment.

“As a specialist in application-specific foams, Airex AG sets high quality standards worldwide. Thanks to their versatile product properties, Airex® mats and balance products, made in Switzerland, are of an extremely high quality and very durable. One of the features of these products is the built-in Sanitized® hygienic function. Sanitized® protects the material reliably and permanently against the formation of bacteria, odors and mildew. It does not simply maintain the outward appearance of the products, but also the material itself. There are no unsightly mildew stains and Airex® customers benefit from a longer-lasting functionality and aesthetics. The products are available worldwide in more than 60 countries”, says Gina Tagliaferri from Airex AG.

At the Airex Academy, trainers, sports instructors and training instructors can learn more about functional stabilization in particular, which is a major topic in rehabilitation, as well as in the prevention of illnesses caused by the lack of exercise.

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