Answers to questions on the effectiveness of products treated with Sanitized® against COVID-19

SANITIZED uses biocidal active ingredients that protect various surfaces and materials against the colonization of bacteria and other microbes. The effectiveness is documented and scientifically proven.

This is the core question that our worldwide customers are now asking us: Is Sanitized® effective against COVID-19?

Although the active substances used in Sanitized® products have an effect on human corona virus types, the effectiveness of Sanitized® products against COVID-19 has not yet been explicitly confirmed. Our experts are very actively engaged in test series.

The antimicrobial effect of Sanitized® products makes an active contribution to a comprehensive hygiene management. Whether in applications in private or public spaces, in public transport or in the food industry. Plastics, textiles and paints can be treated with the antimicrobial Sanitized® hygiene function. 

Sanitized® makes a current contribution in the healthcare sector: Respiratory masks or the clothing of nursing staff with antimicrobial Sanitized® finish protect these people. Because in medical facilities and nursing homes, hospital-acquired infections (HAI) continue to be a massive risk, especially for patients who are already weakened. Surfaces with a high contact frequency should have an integrated and thus permanent antimicrobial effect to interrupt the transmission chain through the hands. Various manufacturers of light switches, handles or wall coverings already rely on our competence as leading specialist for antimicrobial protection of textiles and plastics. www.sanitized.house

Wherever possible, we will help manufacturers of hospital or nursing home equipment to contain disease infections. We place all our expertise at your disposal. We wish nursing staff and doctors continued success and the strength they need in times of Corona.


Stay healthy and keep distance!



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