Outstanding SANITIZED Innovation for Textiles and Coatings in Outdoor Use – UV-resistant mildew protection with Sanitized® TH 12-13

A new development from Swiss SANITIZED AG, specialist in antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection, prevents loss of performance in textile treatments even under aggressive insolation. The product, Sanitized® TH 12-13, which can be used on textiles and for polymer coatings, offers long-lasting, UV-resistant protection against mildew. The product will be launched during the European Coating Show and Techtextil.

A large number of treatments are available to protect textiles in outdoor use against environmental influences such as sun, wind and rain. However, user experiences and market observations show that the protective functions do not last in the long term. Sunlight intensity massively impairs the functions applied, with possible consequences such as premature material fatigue and unsightly stains caused by mildew infestation.

Swiss pioneer SANITIZED AG presents a new technology that, for the first time, assures a UV-resistant, outstanding anti-mildew effect. Sanitized® TH 12-13 counteracts destructive infestation by micro-organisms. It is highly temperature-resistant, can be used in conventional application methods and is suitable for aqueous coating systems. Sanitized® TH 12-13 can be used in standard polymer matrices.

Products whose primary function is sun-protection, such as tarpaulins, tents, awnings, parasols and umbrellas, architectural textiles, as well as coated textiles, will benefit from a UV-resistant, anti-mildew treatment using Sanitized® TH 12-13, a product that is still convincing even under high air humidity and persistent rain. Naturally, this new product is subject to the SANITIZED AG standard of using only registered (BPR registration) and safety-tested antimicrobial active ingredients.

This product innovation has already won the ITMA future materials award.

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