Awareness changing: Increased need for hygiene in public spaces

Contactless payments during the coronavirus pandemic have never been more popular. But in many situations, hand contact is essential. Often, we are unaware of what we touch during the course of a day.

Public transportation, for instance, is still a collecting point for germs in spite of an increased awareness for cleanliness amongst those responsible. In the London Underground, for example, the Metropolitan University of London identified 121 different types of bacteria on handles, seats, doors and walls, including nine forms of antibiotic-resistant pathogens known as ‘Super Bugs.

There is a veritable wealth of underestimated germ sources. One such source is the fold-out table attached to the seat in front of us in airplanes. Here, researchers found 10 times more germs than on a toilet flush lever at the airport.

In public spaces, people should be able to trust that maximum of safety is provided, including in terms of hygiene. Assistance is provided by integrated material protection for handles, railings, soap dispensers or seats that have a durable antimicrobial effect. Such materials prevent bacteria from multiplying. SANITIZED AG, a provider of innovative and proven technologies for protection against bacteria and microbes on plastic surfaces, is a partner of renowned manufacturers of plastic products and advises manufacturers to find the optimal solution for their individual needs.

Until the day that doors open on their own and the journey with public transportation no longer requires holding on tightly, additional hygienic measures against the spread of bacteria and germs shall continue to be necessary.

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