Bacterial contamination of paints is undesired and expensive.
Sanitized® hygiene audits provide a solution

Bacterial contamination during the paint and coating production is expensive since it results in complaints, production shut-downs or even soils entire batches. We are currently facing another challenge: The production shutdowns forced by the coronavirus pandemic have allowed bacteria to proliferate unfettered in parts of the plant and create “hotspots” in pipes, cans, large containers, and in hoses. As a result, the hotspots spread the microbes throughout the entire production system when resuming production after a shutdown. This situation clearly illustrates that it’s no longer just about protecting and testing the end product. Contamination starts much earlier.

Bacteria, molds, fungi, and yeasts cause unwelcome discolorations and differences in color, viscosity or smell. Paints are perfect for these microbes to grow, multiply and settle through the entire pipe system as a biofilm, which will infect new batches and trigger a vicious cycle.

SANITIZED Preservation has developed a special hygiene audit for paint production systems to prevent this situation entirely. The audit identifies and tests critical areas in the production for microbial contamination. Improvement measures that are recommended according to the results aim to keep the level of microbes consistently low to prevent any spread or multiplication. This also prevents dead microbial cells from providing nutrients for newly arrived, living microbes.

SANITIZED Preservation AG considers itself a partner of the paint and coating industry, which is why we provide our customers a free hygiene audit.

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