Bacteria on everyday objects: Omnipresent and spreading very quickly

Despite the knowledge that bacteria are spread primarily by hands, the understanding of hygiene is still not sufficiently advanced. A study revealed that 38 % of the men in England did not wash their hands after a visit to the bathroom.
Rug Doctor Study

Anyone who until now has believed that the pet food bowl harbors most of the bacteria in the home is mistaken: An average of 327 bacteria per square centimeter were found in a household There are definitely more in the sink near the drain (423), on the faucet in the bathtub (971) and on cell phones (3,895). At the absolute top of the list is the dishcloth with 20,868 bacteria per square centimeter! And the global picture probably looks very similar.
Source: statista.de 2015

The results of this investigation are also creating a new awareness of hygiene: in the USA, 400 more bacteria were identified on computer keyboards than on a toilet seat! A study by the University of Arizona Tucson shows how quickly bacteria spread. Bacteria released just that morning in the office had contaminated 40 to 60 % of the investigated contact points (light switch, table surfaces, door opener, coffee cup handles, telephones and computer accessories) within two to four hours.

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