Bathroom: Not a Chance for Musty Odors and Stains

Even with careful cleaning, there are critical areas in every bathroom where bacteria cause unsightly damage. Unpleasant odors and the development of stains are caused by bacteria and mildew spreading throughout the damp and warm bathroom. A classic case is the shower curtain: stains and sometimes a slimy coating are the result if they are not cleaned meticulously. A comfortable, safe and durable solution is shower curtains with antimicrobial Sanitized® protection, as from spirella s.a.

Even the bacterial paradise called the toilet brush will not be a nuisance due to the Sanitized® treatment of the plastic bristles.

Every damp towel that cannot dry properly is a potential focus for odor formation. Although freshly washed a pungent odor can develop even after just one use. Antimicrobial treated bath towels provide hygiene and well-being, not just in regions with high humidity. Double Star Industry Co. Ltd. and Universal Towel Manufacturing Company, Inc. are two globally active companies that rely on the Sanitized® hygiene function for their terrycloth towels.

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