Beat odors in cotton fabrics naturally with peppermint

The antibacterial treatment of textiles is an aspect of comfort, which textile producers and brands that support sustainability also want to offer their customers. Eco-friendly, effective odor management is in demand.

The market is looking for an alternative odor management, which is highly effective, yet sustainable and green. According to a Trend Insight survey, 69 % of consumers believe that the added value given to textiles must also bear a brand name. A new technology using renewable, sustainable resources makes it possible to fight odors in cotton textiles naturally and in line with growing consumer demand.

The solution can be found right in our own gardens: peppermint is a natural, renewable resource with antibacterial properties from the menthol in its essential oil. It’s this natural disinfecting power that forms the basis for Sanitized® Mintactiv. The peppermint oil used here is specially refined for use in the textile industry, is metal-free, 100 % natural. Another benefit of the new and sustainable Sanitized® odor-management technology is a binder-free application, which offers outstanding effectiveness against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as a high wash resistance.


Your benefits with Sanitized Mintactiv

Cotton items treated with Sanitized® Mintactiv are the sustainable solution. They can be washed less frequently at lower temperatures and with less detergent, water and energy consumption. This creates a crucial competitive edge that will also resonate with environmentally-conscious end consumers. It fulfils the dream of bed linens, towels, underwear and cotton shirts that feel and smell freshly laundered every day. A technology that is beneficial for both people and the planet.

Why natural odor-management? 

Make the choice for more sustainability and odorless wearing comfort without compromise! In our user-friendly info graphic you can see at a glance the advantages of finishing cotton textiles with Sanitized® Mintactiv.


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