Bedtime stories: The Grimm side to Airbnb?

When you’re staying away from home, have you ever thought about who has slept in the bed before you or sat on the sofa without any clothes on?

We assume that hotels regularly clean their beds and bedding professionally (whether this is true for all hotels is not a given). But how about in the increasingly popular private accommodation option of Airbnb? The main focus here is for guests to feel like a part of the local community, not a tourist, maybe with a bit of voyeurism. The rating systems used by hosts ensure transparency for the guests when choosing, even in terms of cleanliness – or so they would have us believe.

Wouldn’t it be great if the host responsible for the accommodation, known as the Superhost, could let you know that you will be sleeping on a mattress treated with Sanitized®: Swiss quality for antimicrobial hygiene. A whole host of international manufacturers of mattresses and bedding use this technology to give the microscopic roommates, such as dust mites or fungi, the heave-ho from your bed, so they are unable to reproduce, thereby providing a genuine and safe level of well-being: BekaertDeslee, Select Comfort Corporation, King Koil-Comfort Mattress Co., Boyteks Tekstil Sanay ve Ticaret, Wing Yip International Limited and many more.

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