Biofilm: Not on my T-shirt!

Biofilm sounds pretty harmless but it can cause a lot of different types of damage. Everybody has seen the nasty stains on a shower curtain coated with a thin slimy layer. It is just this kind of slimy layer, known as biofilm, that also forms on polyester clothing―especially on sports and functional textiles.

Bacteria are to blame! The combination of body heat and human perspiration provide the ideal conditions for these microbes to set up home and reproduce. They latch onto the fiber and break down the perspiration, which causes that very unpleasant smell of sweat. If these bacteria are not washed out completely, the biofilm will continuously build-up on the textile resulting in noticeable changes to the material properties: The T-shirt is less supple, even less breathable, and often it smells musty again straight after being washed. Therefore, it makes sense to prevent the deposits from building up in the first place. Polyester clothing treated with Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 is protected against permastink build-up.

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