Floor coverings: Study Confirms the Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Sanitized®

For the first time, a long-term applied study has investigated the antimicrobial effectiveness of Sanitized® in PVC floor coverings. The University of Manchester/UK has just published the results documenting the hygiene and material protection.

The first long-term test of the antimicrobial effectiveness of Sanitized® in PVC floor coverings was conducted, not in the laboratory but in a well-frequented public place. About 800 students plus faculty enter and exit the Faculty of Life Sciences daily at the University of Manchester/UK. The ideal place to investigate the activity on the floor of the bacteria and fungi they brought with them. To this end, the area was equipped with two different floor coverings. One part consisted of classic soft PVC. The other part was made of the identical material, but with the built-in Sanitized® hygiene function. To answer the question about the effectiveness of the daily evening cleaning, the samples were removed one hour before the evening cleaning and two hours after the cleaning. The 10 cm2 large test surfaces were always randomly selected. The development was observed for a total of 15 months.

The study conducted by the Malcolm Greenhalgh Consultancy Ltd and Dr. Geoff Robson of the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Manchester/UK provided unambiguous results:

The classic damp cleaning had hardly any effect on the number of bacteria and fungi. No significant reduction was found. The situation with the PVC floor covering samples equipped with Sanitized® was completely different. There was a dramatic reduction in the number of bacteria. MRSA pathogens were reduced by 90 % within 30 minutes. At the same time, an additional finding provided a further argument for the Sanitized® treatment: the soft PVC in particular appears to be used by microorganisms as a food source. The main reason is a relatively fast degradation of the material, which can be prevented by the Sanitized® protection.

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