Bodo Möller Chemie and SANITIZED AG: New strategic sales partnership for the Sanitized® antimicrobial polymer additive

Offenbach am Main/Burgdorf, Switzerland: From November 1, 2018, SANITIZED customers in the polymer industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus will profit from the expertise and established sales network of Bodo Möller Chemie. The Sanitized® antimicrobial additive for hygiene function and material protection will be marketed in these countries exclusively by the new sales partner.

SANITIZED AG and Bodo Möller, two experts in their fields with a similar understanding of values, have joined forces: Both deal in high-performance products for the polymer industry combined with the best possible service, which begins already with the conception of the products and their optimum use. The collaboration with SANITIZED is therefore a good fit for the portfolio as both companies focus on innovative, customer-specific solutions.

With the addition of the antimicrobial Sanitized® additives at Bodo Möller, the polymer industry gets a new overall package, offering more than just products for hygiene function and material protection. As an addition to the core product services, SANITIZED supports development and production, regulatory queries and marketing through the use of the Sanitized® Ingredient Brand, which characterizes the end products in their differentiation and emphasis on quality.

The antimicrobial additives for polymers from SANITIZED AG protect soft and hard plastic end products from bacterial infestation, growth of algae and mildew, material degradation, biofilms, pink stain, and odors caused by microbes. The polymer industry uses the additive in floor coverings, surfaces, kitchen utensils, coatings, and clothing.

“At Bodo Möller Chemie, first-class products are complemented by expert advice – always looking for the best solution for the customer”, explains Frank Haug, CEO of the Bodo Möller Chemie Group. “This is exactly why the Sanitized® antimicrobial additives are the ideal addition for the Bodo Möller Chemie portfolio”.

“The mutually complementary product portfolios allow us to provide even more comprehensive advice to existing customers and to open new business areas together”, says Stefan Müller, Head of Sales at SANITIZED AG.


Swiss antimicrobial expertise since 1935.
SANITIZED AG is the Swiss global leader in the field of antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection for textiles and plastics. The company has pioneered this field for over 80 years and established itself as a specialist for comprehensive hygiene concepts. Beyond its highly effective products, the services include consulting for marketing and technical queries, diverse testing services and a solid brand and licensing concept. SANITIZED AG exclusively uses scientifically researched antimicrobial active ingredients, which have undergone the most stringent risk assessments for humans and the environment in internationally recognized procedures. Further information is available at: www.sanitized.com

About Bodo Möller Chemie

With 40 years’ experience in selling specialty chemicals, the Bodo Möller Chemie Group (www.bm-chemie.com) is the leading partner of renowned global chemical companies, like Huntsman, DowDuPont, HB Fuller, BASF and Henkel. The company’s products include high-performance epoxy resin, polyurethane and silicone-based adhesives, thermosetting plastics (epoxy resin, polyester, polyurethane, silicone), pigments and additives, textile agents, dyes, electro casting resins, tooling and laminating resins and composites. Proprietary production facilities and laboratories for customer-specific formulations and application tests complete the portfolio of Bodo Möller Chemie, headquartered in Offenbach, Germany. The experts at Bodo Möller Chemie offer their customers all over the world targeted advice and customized on-site services to help them find the optimum product solutions tailored to the individual requirements of many different sectors.


Stefan Müller, Head of Sales

Bodo Möller Chemie
Jürgen Rietschle, Managing Director


Bodo Möller Chemie and SANITIZED AG

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