BPR: Turning an obligation into customer benefit

The obligation to label products that contain biocidal active substances is a thorn in the side for many manufacturers. Why not turn this obligation into an opportunity for transparent communication with customers?

Creating trust through transparency

What began in the food industry is now spilling over into other branches: Consumers, especially the consumption-oriented Millennials, want transparency in the supply chain. They want to know the origin of the raw materials, perhaps even details about the global logistics. An active and proactive communication which shows that products have been treated with a trustworthy and safe antimicrobial technology, strengthens trust. Ultimately, the BPR is a directive that was introduced for the benefit of consumers and the environment. If the products meet these requirements, then the manufacturer can confidently present the evidence—especially if the antimicrobial additives come from a reputable Swiss company like SANITIZED AG.

How much trust companies worldwide have in the Sanitized® brand is demonstrated by more than 400 brands that, in addition to their own logo, use the Sanitized® logo as an ingredient brand and display it actively on the product and in marketing measures.

The experienced Sanitized® marketing team supports license partners in formulating marketing statements in conformity with BPR. And of course, the growing customer need for more in-depth information is also satisfied. This information is accessible within seconds on the POS via the QR code on the Sanitized® label.

Your marketing contact at SANITIZED AG: Sibylle Hänni

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