Here you will learn more about bacteria on everyday objects, hygienic means of transportation, meaningful dust mite protection for your bed and why your favorite articles should be protected against bacteria and mildew.

  • 13.3.2017

    Hygiene in the kitchen: harmful germs don’t stand a chance with the Sanitized® hygiene function

    The kitchen is a place where hygiene is of great importance not just during outbreaks of bird flu or EHEC (intestinal bacteria found in food and repeatedly causing worldwide epidemic gastrointestinal diseases). Germs and pathogens are frequently the cause of health problems – from short-term digestive irritation to serious cases of poisoning.


  • Bacteria breeding ground – the refrigerator

    Mildew or bacterial infestations in the refrigerator occur more often than you may think. According to a study by the University of California, there is an average of 11.4 million germs per square centimeter of space in the refrigerator.


  • Sinks: more bacteria than in a dog’s bowl

    In addition to the stove, the kitchen sink also sees plenty of action. It is where leftover food is rinsed off, where we wash our hands, vegetables, as well as chicken or fish.


  • Hygiene Tips for a Safe Kitchen

    Chopping boards – clear rules:
    Separate chopping boards should be used without fail for meat and vegetables.

    A wealth of polymer kitchen utensils can be safely and durably treated with Sanitized® against a colonization by bacteria.