Here you will learn more about bacteria on everyday objects, hygienic means of transportation, meaningful dust mite protection for your bed and why your favorite articles should be protected against bacteria and mildew.

  • 12.9.2017

    Antimicrobial finishes for filters

    Nonwovens have a wide range of functions to fulfil as filters. A variety of applications in industrial production, in air-conditioning units, in interior filters in vehicles, in the furniture industry and in healthcare require an additional hygiene function.


  • 13.7.2017

    Erhaltung der Funktionalität von technischen Textilien durch antimikrobielle Ausrüstung

    Technische Textilien werden in den unterschiedlichsten Anwendungen eingesetzt. Auch wenn man zuerst an Aussenanwendungen, wie z. B. in Zeltplanen, Schwimmbadfolien oder Sonnenschirmen denkt, gibt es auch für den Innenbereich Nutzungsoptionen, wie z. B. beschichtete Möbelgewebe, Schutzkleidung oder Duschvorhänge. Beeinträchtigung der …


  • 10.7.2017

    Biking: Highly demanding on the cyclist, bike and clothes

    No matter whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike or trekking bike, it cannot be denied that cycling is booming, more and more people are joining in–and the sweat is pouring out. This is why there are such high demands on the functionality of bike clothing.


  • Extremely well protected – even in extreme sports: KASK helmets

    When sports professionals work together with experts in materials, functionality and design, the results are simply outstanding. This was the case at KASK S.p.A, the Italian manufacturer of high-quality helmets for cycling and for winter and equestrian sports.