Here you will learn more about bacteria on everyday objects, hygienic means of transportation, meaningful dust mite protection for your bed and why your favorite articles should be protected against bacteria and mildew.

  • 20.3.2018

    Selfie culture pushes gyms

    Millennials in particular have discovered the importance of their body – not just for work, but also for private postings on social media channels. The selfie mania has got both male and female posers hooked.


  • Hygiene in the gym:
    Dumbbells have 300 % more bacteria than a toilet seat

    You don’t like to walk with bare feet when you shower at the gym, right? After all, who wants athlete’s foot as a souvenir? But what about the equipment in the gym?


  • Airex®: World market leader relies on Sanitized®

    Fitness mats and balance pads made by Airex® are used every day in fitness clubs, gyms, rehabilitation centers and also by professional athletes worldwide. Over 50 years of experience in the development of special foam techniques are key to the high standard of each and every product.


  • Stinky sports bags

    After you’ve worked out, you might fancy going for a drink with friends. Great idea, but maybe it’s not wise to take your sports bag with you, because the stench emitted from its contents is really quite offensive.