Read on to learn more about odor-free clothing, bacteria on everyday items, peace of mind when using public transportation, sensible dust mite protection for your home, antimicrobial paints and why your favorite articles should be protected against bacteria, odors, mildew and material damage.

  • 5.11.2019

    Bodo Möller Chemie expands the sale and distribution of Sanitized® in Eastern Europe

    Antimicrobial solutions make polymers hygienic and usable for a longer period of time

    Starting on November 1, Bodo Möller Chemie takes over the distribution of SANITIZED AG products for the Eastern European market in the area of all plastic processing applications. The portfolio of the Swiss manufacturer SANITIZED focuses on antimicrobial additives for the polymer and textile industry, and offers extensive hygiene and material protection options.


  • 18.6.2019

    Using the power of nature against odor in cotton textiles Sanitized® Mintactiv: Safe, natural and sustainable.

    Reliable odor-management for cotton textiles using natural mint with the new Sanitized® Mintactiv additive. Highly washproof, effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, metal-free, applied without binders and made from the sustainable, renewable natural resource peppermint: This new development from SANITIZED AG meets the requirements of conscientious textile manufacturers and their brands with sustainability goals.


  • 6.11.2018

    Loved but neglected: your living room

    In every home the living room welcomes family and friends to sit down, kick back and relax. To enjoy some quality time together, watch an excitingsports match or drown out a bad day with good tunes.


  • Take off your shoes! A matter of preference or cleanness?

    It’s a basic rule in many Asian countries that that outdoor shoes are not worn inside the house, with no exceptions tolerated! This applies to homeowners as well as their guests. Other cultures are a little more flexible.


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