Read on to learn more about odor-free clothing, bacteria on everyday items, peace of mind when using public transportation, sensible dust mite protection for your home, antimicrobial paints and why your favorite articles should be protected against bacteria, odors, mildew and material damage.

  • 4.9.2018

    Hygiene in the hotel room: a critical look pays off

    Welcome to your dream hotel. Looks good… at least at first glance. A horrifying documentary shows that those spotless looking bedsheet and pillows are really also freshly washed.


  • 14.5.2018

    Bedtime stories: The Grimm side to Airbnb?

    When you’re staying away from home, have you ever thought about who has slept in the bed before you or sat on the sofa without any clothes on?


  • Home, sweat home. “Home, clean home” would be better

    A bath mat can be a rather unsavory item. It is often placed directly in front of the toilet, where fecal bacteria can land on it every time the loo is flushed. Not to mention the moisture left on the mat from wet feet after a shower.


  • Dust mites: Quality of life despite being allergic

    If you read the media reports, you might be forgiven for thinking that there is a new therapy to beat all allergies based on a tablet, immunization or an injection. Unfortunately, the way to relieve allergic reactions is a much more arduous task and a very individual process, which is therefore sometimes also associated with chance.


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