Read on to learn more about odor-free clothing, bacteria on everyday items, peace of mind when using public transportation, sensible dust mite protection for your home, antimicrobial paints and why your favorite articles should be protected against bacteria, odors, mildew and material damage.

  • 11.11.2014

    Sanitized® welcomes you home!

    Several days ago we sent you the teaser for Today we are officially opening the doors to Come on in! Step inside and discover the many items in your home that can benefit from the Sanitized® hygiene function! …


  • Would you also like to see your items in offers our partners many marketing opportunities. You, too, can integrate your treated articles in Are you looking for exclusivity? Then you have the opportunity to sponsor items or groups of items exclusively or to set up a new …


  • 11.9.2014

    Floor coverings: Study Confirms the Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Sanitized®

    For the first time, a long-term applied study has investigated the antimicrobial effectiveness of Sanitized® in PVC floor coverings. The University of Manchester/UK has just published the results documenting the hygiene and material protection. The first long-term test of the …


  • 15.5.2014

    Hygiene in Healthcare: Continued Need for Optimization.

    Avoidable human distress up to and including massive economic losses: The consequences of infections in hospitals, retirement and care facilities result and continue to present massive challenges for those responsible. These problems demand additional and safe measures. Researchers and healthcare …


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