Read on to learn more about odor-free clothing, bacteria on everyday items, peace of mind when using public transportation, sensible dust mite protection for your home, antimicrobial paints and why your favorite articles should be protected against bacteria, odors, mildew and material damage.

  • 14.5.2018

    Bedtime stories: The Grimm side to Airbnb?

    When you’re staying away from home, have you ever thought about who has slept in the bed before you or sat on the sofa without any clothes on?


  • 20.3.2018

    Stinky sports bags

    After you’ve worked out, you might fancy going for a drink with friends. Great idea, but maybe it’s not wise to take your sports bag with you, because the stench emitted from its contents is really quite offensive.


  • 22.1.2018

    Integrating environmental awareness into everyday life: is this wash cycle really necessary?

    Get on your bike more instead of using the car, don’t use plastic bags, reduce waste and many other environmentally friendly measures have become part of our everyday life. But there is not enough awareness among the public regarding the subject of textile hygiene.


  • Biofilm: Not on my T-shirt!

    Biofilm sounds pretty harmless but it can cause a lot of different types of damage. Everybody has seen the nasty stains on a shower curtain coated with a thin slimy layer. It is just this kind of slimy layer, known as biofilm, that also forms on polyester clothing―especially on sports and functional textiles.


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