Climate change: More demanding specifications for material protection for tarpaulins, films and technical textiles

There are not many places unconcerned by climate change. Even during extreme weather conditions with downpours, hail, intensive UV radiation, long wet and dry periods, top performance will be expected from protective PVC films and tarpaulins.

PVC is tough, but sometimes it reaches its limits. Because there’s an additional stress factor for the “protective shells”: microorganisms. These love to inhabit PVC surfaces and PVC-coated textiles. Add humidity and colonies of fungi grow quickly. The versatile microbes are not only responsible for staining, but premature material fatigue as well: The PVC becomes brittle and less able to withstand the weather.

Fortunately, an antimicrobial treatment can reliably extend the service life of tarpaulins, tents, marquees, parasols, umbrellas and architectural textiles, while maintaining their original appearance for as long as possible. SANITIZED therefore developed the first material protection solution for PVC-coated textiles with multiple protective functions against fungi, algae, yeast and pink stain. The innovative additive has excellent UV stability, good temperature resistance and low solubility in water. Sunshades and tarpaulins coated with this gain long-lasting protection.

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