Coronavirus: Hands transmit infection. More protection in public spaces

The coronavirus has made us more acutely aware of our hands as transmitters of illnesses. What we can learn now is also valid for the time period after the risk of coronavirus, which is hopefully just around the corner. Mucous membranes, i.e. our eyes, nose and mouth, are entry portals for viruses and bacteria into our bodies and our hands are the transmitters. This is applicable far beyond just COVID-19 because such transmissions occur in a wide variety of situations: Greeting others via handshake or touching surfaces with high contact frequency are prime examples. Other high-contact surfaces include railings, handrails, light switches or soap dispensers in public areas in addition to bus and train handrails or the handles of shopping trolleys in shopping centers, just to name a few.

Responsible planners, especially those responsible for public spaces such as hospitals, retirement homes, schools or hotels, therefore use products equipped with the Sanitized® hygiene function. This product has been proven to prevent the growth of microbes on plastic surfaces. The antimicrobial effect of silver is a proven solution.

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