Cross-country skiing is a trend sport, but winter-fitness is so much more fun in clothing that does not stink.

Cross-country skiers will once again be dazzling fans around the world at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. More and more people are discovering this athletic sport, which is great since aerobic exercise in fresh air is an ideal form of fitness training in the cold winter months. Whilst interest in traditional Alpine skiing begins to wane, cross-country skiing is booming. The largest market for this sport is the USA followed by Europe.

It doesn’t matter if the person is skating or using the classic technique, cross-country skiing is an endurance sport that is gentle on the joints, and makes the sweat pour out. To make sure that this fantastic outdoor experience is not spoilt by the nasty smell of sweat, cross-country skiers have put their faith in functional textiles treated to combat nasty odors. The Sanitized® Odor Control Function gives polyester clothing, which is prone to sweaty odors, a lasting freshness feel.

You may not have known this, but cross-country skiing is also a winter activity that is enjoyed in urban areas: last year, cross-country skiing trails were carved out and prepared at the old Tempelhof Airport in Berlin.

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