Dust mites: Quality of life despite being allergic

If you read the media reports, you might be forgiven for thinking that there is a new therapy to beat all allergies based on a tablet, immunization or an injection. Unfortunately, the way to relieve allergic reactions is a much more arduous task and a very individual process, which is therefore sometimes also associated with chance.

Anyone who suffers allergic reactions to dust mites, or their feces, in the form of respiratory problems, itching or irritated eyes, and does not want to leave their quality of life to chance, should take targeted action to stop the culprits. This is not easy, because up to 10,000 of these tiny arachnids can live in just a single gram of dust.

Mattresses, bed linen, bedding, towels, upholstery and carpets are ideal places where dust mites can multiply at their leisure. They provide them with everything they need: food (in the form of human skin scales) and moisture.

Specially treated textiles effectively prevent dust mites from multiplying and thereby also reduce the production of allergens in the feces. Well-known international manufacturers of home textiles rely on the expertise of the Swiss company SANITIZED AG. Textiles treated with antimicrobial protection bear the blue Sanitized® logo.

By the way, the distressing symptoms brought about through allergies to dust mites are not limited to the home environment. Offices fitted with antimicrobial treated carpets and upholstery also provide a safe environment where allergy sufferers can relax.

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