Dust mites: the bed is a playground for allergens

An American adult sleeps an average of 7.7 hours per day and Europeans even 8.4 hours according to an OECD investigation. A long time, especially for unprotected allergy sufferers. For the flakes of human skin that are shed and the perspiration that is excreted in bed every night provide ideal living conditions for dust mites. An increasing number of people are having allergic reactions to the mite feces. Thus sleep, which is intended to be a source of regeneration, becomes a daily recurring contact with allergens for several hours.

Even the WHO in its report “Public Health Significance of Urban Pests in Europe” has dealt with the topic and mentioned household dust mites allergies as a cause of asthma.

A mattress, pillow or other bedding items with an antimicrobial finish offers safe, reliable protection against dust mites. Many manufacturers trust in the competence of the SANITIZED specialists for the antimicrobial hygiene function and label their products with the Sanitized® Quality Seal – a seal of confidence for consumers.

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