European initiative: Prevention of transmissible diseases

SANITIZED AG is now a member of AMiCI

The EU AMiCI initiative brings together a wide range of expert knowledge. Representatives from science, healthcare and industry are joining to develop solutions for the prevention and avoidance of hospital infections. The international research project is focusing on coatings with active substances, which inhibit the growth of MRSA bacteria and thus the spread of hospital-acquired infections.

Experts from SANITIZED AG were invited to the working group for the development of new microbiological test procedures. The Swiss company has many years of experience with the antimicrobial coating of products used in hospitals and nursing homes to contain the often fatal MRSA pathogen.

The EU-supported initiative aims to provide the industry with specific solutions for increasing patient protection and reducing economic damages.

The expertise of SANITZED is also valued in other international research cooperations. The PURE ZONE project is working on hygiene solutions for films used in hospital environments and the food industry.

PURE ZONE: Food Safety Initiative

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