Face masks and coronavirus protection
SANITIZED clarifies: Observing product-labeling requirements is an absolute must.

Face masks have become a central issue in the fight to protect against COVID-19. After initial shortages, the market is now being flooded. As touching as photos of volunteers at their sewing machines may be, not all of the mouth-nose protection (MNP) available on the market truly offer protection against viruses. Unfortunately, this can cause confusion. In the worst case, people think they are safe even though they are only wearing simple, untreated material as mouth protection. There have also been more and more complaints about misinformation associated with products.

What are the differences between community masks, mouth-nose protection (MNP), and FFP masks?

SANITIZED has created an overview of the various face mask types and their different protective functions. It also contains valuable tips for textile and mask producers, in relation to legal issues. When can a face mask claim a particular health benefit?

Stay healthy and provide consumers of face masks with accurate, transparent information!

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