Fighting resilient odors in sportswear: Permastink

Ever notice a pungent odor after wearing a freshly washed piece of clothing only a short time? It’s called permastink.

Even the most modern washing machines or special “fresh” scented detergents can’t fully remove permastink. Once it’s developed the clothing smells unpleasant even before use. Polyester functional textiles are especially affected, sportswear in particular. The cause of this unwelcome effect isn’t sweat itself, but the bacteria which decompose it. A biofilm forms on the polyester fibers causing odor and damaging the material.

But how can textiles be protected against permastink? Odor neutralization has long been used for this purpose. However,, to the detriment of the pricing and feel of the products concerned. More recently, fiber surfaces have been modified to prevent the adherence of bacteria and odor molecules. The combination of both of the technologies is also innovative and sustainably prevents permastink from the start!

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Innovations, detection methods, and technologies. Get your free copy of the “Odor-Management for Sportswear” guide and learn more about the best solutions against permastink.

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