For a really fresh start in the day. How to become a favorite outfit

The day could have been so beautiful… You slept well and there is still plenty of time for a morning run! The perfect start of a new day for millions of people worldwide. But this morning high can soon turn sour as you reach for your sports shirt and the stink hits you!! Disgusting with a slightly sweet side note. How can this be when it is freshly washed? The fabric is already entrenched with a sweaty smell which accumulates in the textile and causes odors even after only a short wearing time. Unfortunately, no amount of detergent or soaking will solve this issue or remove the odors. Human sweat is not to blame, but the bacteria that process the perspiration.

It is exactly these bacteria that set up shop in your sports shirt, headband or undergarments and cannot be washed out. Never fear, the Swiss company SANITIZED AG has a solution that allows manufacturers of polyester textiles to treat sports clothing to stop the odor-causing bacteria in its tracks.

Only outfits that are free of sweaty odors and let you enjoy that perfect morning can become a favorite outfit. These can be easily recognized thanks to the blue diamond-shaped Sanitized® label.

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