Trends from the Friedrichshafen Outdoor Show

As always, this show is the seismograph for outdoor products and the world’s leading trade fair, the Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Exhibitors from more than 90 countries and over 21,000 visitors came to Lake Constance in June 2017.

It was the first time running took center-stage in the exhibition, an accompanying conference and a show of outdoor experiences. But shoes designed for hiking, trekking or extreme mountain tours were of course a part of the program as well.

What every runner and rambler knows and could experience at temperatures of over 30 degrees in Friedrichshafen: The inside of a shoe is put under extreme duress especially in the hot summer months. Sweat flows aplenty. But not enough: omnipresent bacteria break down the sweat, thereby damaging the material and giving the shoes a permanent unpleasant odor.

One could say that the protection of highly stressed shoes against perspiration odor is SANITIZED’s core competence. Over 60 years ago, the company’s success story began with the antimicrobial treatment of work shoes.

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