Combating Foot Fungus, the Unwanted Souvenir: Fashy bathing shoes with Sanitized® protection

A sauna visit for relaxation or physical exercise in the swimming pool is a fitness classic. The warm, moist climate in the sauna, swimming pool or hotel wellness spa offers ideal conditions for an increase in bacteria – especially on the floor. For that reason, the protection provided by bathing shoes is indispensable.

Fashy GmbH, a German company with 60 years of experience in the production of plastic articles, offers customers an additional benefit. A series of shoes for wet areas were equipped with Sanitized®. The protective function embedded in the material prevents the increase in bacteria that can get on the shoe through each contact with the floor. The product offering includes hygiene sandals for the sauna area, wellness slippers, functional sandals for swimming pools and swim shoes for the therapy area.

“Private customers, but especially the medical supply stores and pharmacies where our products are distributed, appreciate the additional hygiene selling point that the finish with the well-known Sanitized® brand provides”, Volker Kraus, managing director of Fashy GmbH, explains.


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