Global shoe industry relies on Sanitized®: From A as in Abeba to Z as in Zara

Odor-free even in extreme situations! This is particularly pleasing to anglers and fly fishermen, who stand in bodies of water for hours in waterproof boots. The US company Orvis offers precisely such wearing comfort for its waders. Product developer Tim Daughton from Orvis is enthusiastic about the Sanitized® treatment:

Work and safety shoes at times place extreme demands on odor management. Abeba, one of the largest and most modern shoes companies in Europe, has for years placed its trust in the proven Sanitized® hygiene function for this segment as well as for shoes in the health care industry. Abeba customers really value the safety and wearing comfort.

Children’s and babies’ footwear with the Sanitized® label can be found on the store shelves of the Zara locations in Europe.

When traveling, shoes are frequently worn continuously over several days and undergo rough treatment. Unwanted odor due to sweat is not uncommon. Timberland, a specialist in clothing and shoes for the outdoor lifestyle, has therefore equipped select footwear styles with the Sanitized® hygiene function.

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