Hand hygiene while travelling

What do the remote control in a hotel room, the soap dispenser in a public bathroom and the hand straps of an airport shuttle bus have in common? Invisible unwanted residue from the hands of all the other people that have touched the same items. Maybe they coughed in their hands before getting on the bus?  Or perhaps they held on to the handrails of an escalator, which are competing for the greatest concentration of microbes.

Anyone who is travelling is constantly confronted with such situations. Despite the great awareness of “hands as a source of transmission” it is simply impossible to always do the necessary hand-washing.

Those who can hold onto a hand strap from HAPPICH GmbH or a grab handle on a seat from Freedman Seating Company when using public transportation can travel with more peace of mind. For both companies use the Sanitized® hygiene function as an added advantage for their customers and for all passengers. The antimicrobial properties substantially reduce colonization of bacteria and pathogens deliberately interrupting the chain of transmission.

Speaking of constant hand contact: cell phone users also benefit from the Sanitized® technology with a protective case from VOLO®, which offers additional antimicrobial protection.

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