Dust mite allergies: Lasting effectiveness of Sanitized® confirmed in a long-term study.

Underestimated risk of dust mites? What begins as a runny nose can evolve into chronic respiratory disorders. 60 million Europeans and 20 million Americans are affected. A long-term study proved the lasting effectiveness of a Sanitized® treatment against dust mites, bacteria and fungi in mattresses.

The invisible threat posed by dust mites torments millions of people around the world. An immediate reaction leads to nasal irritation followed by respiratory problems from swollen nasal passages. Without treatment there is a threat of chronic illness eventually leading to asthma. And this phenomenon exists around the world: Scientists in Singapore have diagnosed allergy-related colds in 40 % of the population and asthma in 15 %.

But the real problem is not the dust mites themselves but rather their feces, which cause the allergic reaction. Up to 10,000 of these arachnids live in one gram of dust, and they like to feed on human dandruff. Even perfect hygiene measures cannot provide complete protection against dust mites. Therefore, those afflicted are looking for reliable solutions, which would enable a symptom-free life and work.

Service providers counter the growing number of people with dust mite allergies with a wide range of offers. Hotels equip their rooms with appropriately finished beds, curtains and floors, and Swiss International Air Lines was just honored as the first “allergy-friendly” airline.

How long are finished textiles active against dust mite infestation? SANITIZED AG addressed this question in a unique practice test. For this, the mattresses in a Swiss four-star hotel were finished with the Sanitized® hygiene function. The result: Even after six years of intensive use under real hotel operating conditions, the mattresses continued to provide intact microbe protection against dust mites, bacteria and fungi. The spread of dust mites was effectively reduced and thus created a suitable environment for those with allergies – at home and on the road.

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