Hygiene in Public Places: Safety and Material Protection through Sanitized®

Floors in public places in airports, governmental agencies, schools or hotels are “hubs” for the unwanted companions that everyone tracks in on his or her shoes. Sanitized® has lasting effectiveness against the spread of bacteria and microbes..

Even if every airport does not have 83 million passengers travelling through it every year, as at the Beijing Capital Airport, public places such as schools, governmental agencies and universities are frequented by crowds of people – and each person brings his own baggage on his shoes: bacteria, dirt from the streets, fecal material and more.

Reconstruct an ordinary (business) trip in your mind: from the house to the underground parking garage, taxi or subway, to the train station or the airport. Somewhere you use the public facilities and also put your purse or suitcase (on the floor). You enter the hotel lobby. This does not have to be as large as the Venetian in Las Vegas with over 7,100 rooms; nevertheless, countless people from all over the world are passing through. The situation in schools, universities and governmental agencies is no different: everybody is tracking in on their shoes what other people and animals have left behind on the ground. Except for the New Zealanders who have public disinfection of shoes or when a contagious disease in animals occurs, no one seems to have come up with the idea of requiring disinfection of footwear. Shoes as a source for spreading bacteria have been completely neglected; instead people generally put their trust in the effectiveness of damp cleaning methods.

Not a safe solution, as a current study at the University of Manchester/UK has shown. For the usual cleaning methods do not provide any significant reduction of bacteria and fungi. The Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment offers active support for hygienically safe floors in public places.

The Sanitized® hygiene function is embedded in the polymer and is safe for people and the environment. Besides the proven effectiveness against the growth of bacteria, the floor material is protected against premature aging caused by the colonization of microbes. Floor coverings with Sanitized® create safety and comfort not only for public places but also for private dwellings. The leading providers of floor coverings have been putting their trust in the Swiss expertise from Burgdorf for years.

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