Hygiene in the gym: Dumbbells have 300 % more bacteria than a toilet seat

You don’t like to walk with bare feet when you shower at the gym, right? After all, who wants athlete’s foot as a souvenir? But what about the equipment in the gym? A study conducted by the online platform Fitrated serves up some pretty unsavory results. The study examined what lives on the surfaces comes into constant contact with the sweaty gym-users… Extremely unpleasant results: 39 times more bacteria were found on the handlebars of fitness bikes than on trays in self-service restaurants. There were 362 times (!) more bacteria on dumbbells than on a toilet seat.

Responsible gym owners give a lot of thought to the well-being of their members and this definitely includes hygiene in the changing rooms as well as the training rooms. Routine cleaning cycles are not enough to guarantee a high standard of cleanliness at all times. That is why more and more manufacturers are treating floors, handles, mats and the surfaces of training equipment with the antimicrobial Sanitized® hygienic function. It provides permanent protection. Many of the products bear the Sanitized® quality seal.

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