Hygiene in the kitchen: harmful germs don’t stand a chance with the Sanitized® hygiene function

The kitchen is a place where hygiene is of great importance not just during outbreaks of bird flu or EHEC (intestinal bacteria found in food and repeatedly causing worldwide epidemic gastrointestinal diseases). Germs and pathogens are frequently the cause of health problems – from short-term digestive irritation to serious cases of poisoning.

Despite routine cleaning rituals, there are “critical” places in every kitchen where potential pathogens like to go wild and reproduce. The kitchen sponge is definitely among them. More than 20,000 bacteria per square centimeter were identified in a dishcloth (source: statista.de 2015). However, work areas, dishwashing brushes, water faucets or storage containers that come in direct contact with raw food act as potential carriers of germs.

What has proven successful in the food-processing industry also offers support for everyday domestic kitchens. Thanks to a special treatment embedded in the polymer surfaces, knife handles, brushes or cutting boards benefit from the antimicrobial Sanitized® hygiene function, which prevents the colonization and propagation of unwanted bacteria such as mold.

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