Hygiene on the move: More peace of mind while travelling with Sanitized®

Unpleasant is a subtle understatement for many experiences in a public restroom on a train, in a train or metro station and in airports around the world. However, even bathrooms in hotels conceal risks due to the high guest turnover. For even a thorough cleaning cannot protect door handles, toilet seats, soap dispensers, toilet brushes, sinks and floors around the clock. These are major contact points for the transmission of germs and bacteria. An investigation of hygiene in a public places has proven that the classic damp cleaning does not last (offer protection against microbes) until the next cleaning cycle.  Treatment of the flooring with Sanitized® in the study confirmed an active antimicrobial protective effect.

The Sanitized® hygiene function can be integrated into many polymers during the production process and offers 24/7 protection. For example, the Spanish company Securibath Solutions S.L. successfully uses the Sanitized® technology to coat shower trays and Polyrey in France uses antimicrobial treatment on wall panels and laminates.

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