Hygiene support for the healthcare professions

The aging society continues to present hospitals and care facilities with challenges. Care robots are still exceptions and have not replaced the valuable services of healthcare professionals and nursing staff. Despite of all the carefully implemented hygiene measures one must not forget thateach contact with the hands means the potential transmission to the next patient. This can be particularly risky for post-operative patients as well as for the elderly with weakened immune systems.

Contact points with which caregivers, patients and visitors constantly come in contact therefore require special attention in terms of hygiene. So LINET, Europe’s leading manufacturer of hospital beds, trusts the Sanitized® hygiene function for constant built-in material protection. Also the SureContact® handrails from InPro Corporation/Gradus Ltd.,the antimicrobial treated panels from Polyrey as well as the medication carts from Wiegand AG rely on the Sanitized® technology that offers 24/7 protection and helps to prevent bacteria growth and supports conventional cleaning measures – a definite plus when it comes to preventive hygiene measures in healthcare.

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