Hygiene Protection for Doors, Partitions and Furniture in Healthcare Facilities: Laminate Specialist Polyrey Goes with Sanitized®

The safe and permanent effectiveness of the Sanitized® hygiene function and its FDA certification have convinced Polyrey, specialists for HPL laminated panels and laminates. Frédéric Plasseraud, Marketing Head at Polyrey, in an interview about the growing demand for antimicrobial building materials for healthcare, restaurant and collective living facilities.

Polyrey is a specialist for HPL laminate panels. Why do you now offer these with antimicrobial treated materials?
Hygiene and good health are at the top of the specifications list – not only for our industrial customers but also for architects, who are involved in the construction and renovation of clinics and healthcare facilities. The antimicrobial Sanitized® finish, as an integral component of Polyrey panels, for example, provides technically efficient solutions in the design of hospital installations, which are particularly affected by the rapid spread of bacteria in public spaces.

Which healthcare products are treated?
Polyrey has integrated the Sanitized® hygiene function into its entire product range of decorated HPL laminates in order to be able to offer suitable products for all projects related to the interior outfitting of hospitals, clinics and retirement and care facilities. The HPL laminate products and compact coatings are primarily used in the manufacture of furniture, partitions and doors.

Which hospitals are already using Polyrey products treated with Sanitized®?
Among the most recent projects are the Hospital of the University College of London, the Hôpital Brugman Bruxelles and the Centre hospitalier universitaire Ambroise Paré Mons in Belgium, and the Clinique Claude Bernard Ermont in France.

What importance does this innovative product range have for your market opportunities?
Polyrey is the only manufacturer of decorative laminated panels with an integrated antimicrobial Sanitized® hygiene function in Europe. The sales and marketing teams at Polyrey emphasize the advantages of the antimicrobial finish in the entire healthcare sector as well as in the food industry and education sector. With such an advantage, Polyrey is able to expand its role as the leading industrial specialist in the services sector and thus strengthen its image as an innovative enterprise.

Thank you very much for talking to us.

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