When the immune system is weak:
Improved hygiene in care facilites and nursing homes

The aging of society increases the need for nursing facilities. At the same time there is also discussion of the lack of qualified personnel, not just in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These staffing bottlenecks and chronic budgetary shortages represent the biggest challenges for the managers of care facilities and nursing homes. Caring for elderly residents and patients requires special hygiene measures. This is because the immune systems of seniors in need of care are especially weakened, requiring special protection against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. To support the hygiene measures, particularly in long-term nursing situations, mattress covers, furniture and seat cushions are challenging contact.

The durable antimicrobial treatment of textiles and polymers prevents bacterial colonization on these surfaces.

The antimicrobial Sanitized® protective treatment is also recommended to ensure that the uniforms of nursing staff do not become carriers of dangerous pathogens. Hand hygiene alone is not enough!

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