Integrating environmental awareness into everyday life: is this wash cycle really necessary?

Get on your bike more instead of using the car, don’t use plastic bags, reduce waste and many other environmentally friendly measures have become part of our everyday life. But there is not enough awareness among the public regarding the subject of textile hygiene. There is great potential for saving resources and reducing waste― and it is not like buy a new washing machine with an energy-saving cycle.

A great deal of energy is required to heat the water, which is why it is recommended that you wash clothing at 30 or even 20 degrees.

It is also worth taking into account how often people actually wash clothes. 65 % of Germans wash sportswear after it has been worn just once. The number of people who wear their sports clothes more than 3x before putting it in the wash (currently 7 %), could increase significantly if they no longer had a reason to wash their clothes so often. In most cases this is due to the sweaty, unpleasant smells.

Functional textiles made of polyester material treated with Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 have an integrated active Odor Control Function. This means that that feeling of freshness lasts much longer. Patented technology prevents the odor-causing bacteria from docking onto the fabric and multiplying uncontrollably. The Sanitized® Odor Control Function makes it possible for the bacteria to be washed out even at low temperatures. And this benefit last for more than 50 wash cycles.

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