No chance for bacteria, mildew and odors in the kitchen!

Salmonella in poultry, listeria in cheese or the life-threatening bacteria EHEC, which have put researchers and regulatory agencies on the alert again and again, may occur in any household!

Handwashing is essential. That is undisputed. Yet, what about the kitchen faucet that one constantly grasps, the handles of the cupboards or refrigerator? What happens to the hand towel with which one dries the cutting board where the raw chicken lay before? And how to store cleaning cloths and sponges used to clean work surfaces? There are an unending number of breeding grounds for bacteria in the kitchen, which have a myriad of undesired consequences – including mildew and mold formation.

Therefore, the experts on antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection from SANITIZED offer individual concepts for reliably protecting work surfaces, handles, faucets, kitchen utensils, refrigerators and kitchen textiles or sponges against the colonization of bacteria.

The Sanitized® hygiene function has a multiple effect: against the colonization of bacteria, against the resulting material destruction, against mildew formation and unwanted odors, all caused by bacteria in drains, on cutting boards, on hand towels or in refrigerators.

Apropos the refrigerator: if you are wondering about the strong odor in the refrigerator that cannot be eliminated by multiple cleanings, then bacteria are involved here. And when the humidity is too high, plastic seals are prone to pink or grey mold that causes the material to disintegrate.

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