Life with the coronavirus: Keeping high-risk contact surfaces in mind over the long run.
Sanitized® provides antimicrobial protection for polymers.

Our lives may be gradually returning to normal, but the coronavirus will continue to influence our interactions with each other for a long time to come. It is important to remain vigilant, especially with hand-related hygiene. Along with direct infection by airborne droplets, our hands remain key to the spread of disease.

Hygienists are focusing on hospitals and retirement homes, but schools, workplaces, train stations, and public transportation are bound to become new hot spots as restrictions are gradually relaxed. These sectors should also meet basic hygiene standards, especially in regards to door buttons, handrails, escalator handrails, poles, seats and other items found on buses, trains and subway cars or stations. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these surfaces were permanently protected to prevent bacteria from adhering and settling on them and ideally viruses too?

Wouldn’t it be comforting if the handles of grocery carts and baskets, grocery store refrigerators, gym equipment, cafeteria trays, and hotel remotes also had a similar protective function?

SANITIZED AG supports the global polymer industry with innovative products and hygiene management concepts capable of ensuring that surfaces remain clean always with Swiss care and quality.

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