Material and surface protection for polymers

Do you want to protect your polymer or polymer articles against fungi, algae or pink stain? Regardless of whether you want to protect the material or give the surface antimicrobial protection, Sanitized® additives give you both options.

Antimicrobial treatment reliably prolongs the life of polymers like tarpaulins, tents, marquees, umbrellas, parasols or architectural textiles and keeps them looking like new as long as possible.

Treating polymer surfaces in the kitchen, in the food industry or in hospitals with antimicrobial protection contributes to comprehensive hygiene management.

The Sanitized® additives are integrated into the polymer products during the manufacturing process. To meet the technical specifications of modern production, the antimicrobial active ingredients are offered in liquid, powder or paste form or as masterbatches.

Why should you choose Sanitized®?

  • Our customers in the fields of hygiene and material protection receive our personal support from their initial idea up to its implementation, profiting from our 360° Service Package
  • Sanitized® products are available globally and meet local regulatory requirements
  • Quality and safety are our highest priorities
  • The active ingredients we use meet various customer needs, providing the best antimicrobial protection using the best available technology.
  • We have over 80 years of experience


The Sanitized® hygiene function offers an antimicrobial solution for the widest range of articles made from thermoplastic, extruded or injection-molded polymers, articles made from soft and hard polymers and for the coating of numerous surfaces.

Any questions?

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