Measurable resource savings and at the same time safe processes and textiles with calculators like Archroma ONE WAY and bluesign® blueXpert

What effects are generated by the use of energy, water and additives? Where are potential savings with the goal of resource conservation? A comprehensive process and research effort to reconcile costs, benefits and ecological balance. With the ONE WAY calculator developed by Archroma 2012 and the range of services proven in practice, an assessment was carried out in terms of costs, performance and environmental profile.

At a press conference during the fourth bluesign® conference the new. online bluesign® blueXpert resource calculator was announced. Textile manufacturers can now compare their standard processes with various BAT processes from the collaborating chemical companies with their bluesign®-approved chemical products and obtain possible direct resource savings as well as the resulting savings of costs and time. This way the resource productivity of a company can be increased and at the same time the effects on man and the environment reduced. Savings of up to 50 % of the water, 30 % of the energy and 15 % of the chemicals can be achieved.

The Sanitized® antimicrobial products that are distributed worldwide by the Archroma ONE WAY initiator also make their contribution to saving water and energy – during production and during the useful life of the textiles.


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