miha bodytec: Premium EMS Training Provider Relies on Sanitized®

A worldwide fitness trend – whole-body EMS training: even innovative high-tech sports rely on the Sanitized® hygiene function. The specially developed functional underwear from miha bodytec keeps athletes fresh, even in extreme training situations.

Instead of plodding away at the fitness studio for two hours, more and more people are spending only 20 minutes to optimize health, fitness and figure through electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Almost the complete musculature of the body is simultaneously stimulated with electrical impulses. The electrodes for this are incorporated into the functional clothing (vest, arm, leg and hip sleeves). The user wears skin-tight, specially developed functional underwear produced exclusively for miha bodytec. Great durability, the seams in particular, and good conductivity are required. To increase these properties, the underwear is sprayed with lukewarm water during each training session. In addition to the perspiration the athlete produces due to the strenuous program, each training session is an endurance test for the material. miha bodytec has therefore decided to equip the functional wear they offer with the Sanitized® hygiene function.

“The abundant special features of our training wear are enhanced even more by the Sanitized® hygiene function,” miha bodytec General Manager Jürgen Decker explains. The customer is referred by the labels on the products and the packaging to the Sanitized® comfort effect.

Miha bodytec was founded in Germany in 2007. Meanwhile, the system is being marketed with great success in 30 countries.


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