More than unpleasant: sports, sweat and hand contact

Self-optimization is in: Not only the trend sport yoga is booming but also fitness centers are multiplying key clientele are young people and the over50 crowd who want to stay in shape. Hands rest on gymnastic mats, hold onto the handles and grips of workout machines, press balls and struggle against the resistance of elastic bands. How nice it would be if one did not have to worry about what the previous user left behind-apart from the sweat.

It is so easy to keep plastic parts safe and clean. Contact surfaces treated with Sanitized® help inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria. And incidentally, this also prevents unwanted odors and material deterioration.

Athletes who train on gym mats and balance products from the world market leader Airex can enjoy their workout without worries. Airex products offer reliable and safe antimicrobial protection thanks to the integrated Sanitized® hygiene function.

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