New Technology for Odor-Free Synthetic Textiles

The market is currently on the lookout for new, sustainable solutions for comprehensive odor management when it comes to polyester and other synthetic clothing. The goal is to allow customers to experience a feeling of freshness and comfort while doing sports as well. 

Whether during, after or repeated wearing, sporty active people want to enjoy odor-free textiles for as long as possible. It’s a fact: If you do sports you will sweat. And unpleasant odors develop as soon as bacteria begin to break down the sweat.

To maintain that feeling of freshness in sportswear a new biocide-free technology enables odor adsorption and neutralization. Plus, the bacteria can no longer adhere to treated clothing thus preventing foul-smelling odor molecules from developing.

The Sanitized® Odoractiv Technology with odor adsorption and neutralization is the ideal solution for naturally active and sustainable odor control function free from biocides and metals.

Do you want more freshness?

So get our free guide on this subject now and learn everything you need to know about the adsorption and neutralization of odor in synthetic clothing!

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