Nip the problem in the bud: Why shoes don’t have to smell like sweat

Work shoe wearers and rubber boot fans know to their chagrin: sweaty feet are unpleasant. And worse: the smell of sweat in shoes doesn’t make you any friends and cannot be removed permanently with any household cleaners. Also the proactive wearing of breathable cotton socks or additional aids such as the use of foot deodorant or powder do not provide long-lasting help. It is not human perspiration that triggers the odor but bacteria. They break down the urea, protein or lactic acid contained in the perspiration, releasing butyric acid. This penetrating odor is extremely unpleasant to the human sense of smell. Once infested with this stench, despite washing or airing out, a shoe will begin to smell again after just a short period of use.

Don’t fight the symptoms; instead, tackle the problem at the source. So goes the slogan. The sweaty odor can be prevented if the growth of bacteria in the inner sole or shoe is managed. The built-in Sanitized® hygiene function makes this possible in textiles and polymers, that is, in almost all parts of a shoe. It safely and sustainably prevents the growth of bacteria so that unwanted odor simply cannot develop.

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