Odor management with Sanitized®: The shoe as a system treatment of all parts of the shoe offers optimal protection against odor

Design, fit and material are three aspects that are essential for the marketing success of a shoe. Add to this the fourth dimension, odor management, and a shoe receives a special added-value.

The experts on antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection at SANITIZED are cooperating closely with the developers and manufacturers of shoes and their components. The objective is to find the specific best available technology that can be built into parts of the sole, lining or upper material to prevent bacterial growth and thus the development of bad smells – in everyday and extreme situations alike.

Furthermore, bacteria are also aggressors that lead to material fatigue and deterioration. Thanks to the Sanitized® hygiene function and its supplementary protection, all functions are maintained and the lifespan of the materials prolonged. It is suitable for all parts of the shoe made of polymer or textile, naturally also for coated materials.

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