Pay close attention when renting skis: The blue Sanitized® Diamond prevents unpleasant experiences

The Sharing-Economy, the concept of “renting rather than buying, is a trend that also applies to ski equipment. Taking advantage of the very latest models and forgoing the need to haul around heavy equipment: this argument is convincing ever more skiers. When it comes to skis, it really doesn’t matter who the previous renter was. But what about the ski boots?

Throughout the entire day, the foot is locked inside the ski boot. The consequences can berepulsive . If your feet are not sweaty  after an adventurous or leisurely ski run then surely they will be after enjoying a nice hot chocolate inside the overheated ski hut. And where does this stinky moisture go? The sweat is soaked up by the inlay of the ski boot.

The musty odor of socks and liners can make renting ski boots an unpleasant experience. Nordica, however, has taken steps to improve wearing comfort for their customers. The inlay of some Nordica ski boots is equipped with thte Sanitized® hygiene function. The result: the spread of bacteria and the odor of sweat are inhibited! Next time you’re at a ski rental shop, keep an eye out for the blue Sanitized® diamond or request Sanitized® treated boots: This brand ensures hygiene and well-being, even when it comes to ski boots.

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